This book is different.

Our first "anthologie" of fiction + art is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and right here.

We have stories about a digitized serial killer, Nazi zombies, android cannibals, and an invasion of alien cancer, just to name a few.

All after-cost proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, just part of our commitment to socially responsible publishing.

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One Amazon reviewer wrote:

"Made me want more. It has been my experience that short story collections usually have only a handful of good stories with filler thrown in as an after thought by a panicked editor. Not so with Membrane."

Lessons from the Submission Desk

Get inside an editor's head

Our latest event for writers, an audio-visual presentation we call Lessons from the Submission Desk, is now available. The broadcast was recorded and can be accessed on-demand.

We covered the most common mistakes and pitfalls that we encounter in the slush pile, things we wouldn't necessarily have realized before we became submissions editors.

Registration is open to the public and follows your charitable donation, which you can make on the project page: